Saturday, August 9, 2008

Allie's 14th Birthday

This is our 14 year old holding her birthday cake.

This is me and Gayle.

This is Gayle giving a smile to the camera.

This is Erika Niff & Cassidey posing for the camera.

This is Maegen and her boyfriend Sean.

This is Markae and Brooke catching up on what's going on and Mike is zoned into the TV.

This is Grandma Elva visiting with Melissa & Grandpa Wendell, talking about the GUMMER, and what he should do with the teeth that he has.

This is Guy and Kevin.
(Dad says that they were Bull Shi****)

This is Paige, Kelsey, & Kennedey playing in Paige's room.

This is Brooke, Gayle's Daughter.