Monday, September 29, 2008

Gardener Village: Wee Witches are In

This is my mom at the restaurant at Gardner Village, Archibald's.

This is me.

This is Brittnay & Paige.

This is Allie.

This is Allie & Paige.

We traveled to Salt Lake over the weekend and while we were there we visited Gardner Village. It has a restaurant and tons of little shops that you can shop at. We got to looking around and there was this store called "Aly Paige Dance & Fitness Essentials". Which was a coincidence to happen to be Allie & Paige's names put together.

This is a picture of my mom and Paige and Allie. Paige was afraid to sit by the witch that had her arm hooked around her. They had tons of these manicheans sitting around.

This is Allie sitting by the tons of pumpkins.

This is Paige posing for her picture to be taken by the huge pumpkins. They were sure big ones.

This is me, Allie, Paige, and my mom sitting by the witch that hung upside down by the pumpkins.

Paige rode one of the horses that were at the petting zoo at Gardener Village.

Paige wasn't too sure about this horse. She said that she wanted to ride the bigger one.

Brittnay went with us and we took a picture of them by a big painting of a pumpkin against a big red barn.


The Logan Family said...

WOW, what a neat place! We need to plan a "Road Trip" and go there soon! I started my Christmas shopping early this year...want to get it taken care of early for a change....
Your mom looks great, girls look cute too!

Jill Hatch-Fong said...

Wow! Tell your Mom she does look terrific. She told me she had lost weight but I had no idea it was so drastic. I'm jealous of your trip to Gardner's Village. I love it there. I'm also glad you got to see Britt.

Janna said...

You guys never stay home, do you? We were in St George this weekend. Brandon and Shon ran the Marathon.