Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nicole's Birthday

Our mom had her 39th birthday. She hopes that she can hold it as long as she can, but its okay everyone grows up. Anyway our mom had a good birthday, we went to Claim Jumper and it was really good. We also gave her a free pedicure certificate because we couldn't find anything thing else that she doesn't already have. We go shopping and when she sees a craft that she wants she buys it, so that leaves us with nothing else to give her for her birthday or any other holiday, so I bet you can guess what you're getting for Christmas. We hope that she had a great birthday. Happy Birthday MOM!

The Smith's gave me an edible arrangement of fruit. It looks so delicious. Thanks Smith Family.

They also gave me the funniest card and on the front it says, "For your birthday I thought about giving you the star and the the sun..."

and on the back it says, "But I'd rather give you the moon. Happy Birthday."