Monday, October 6, 2008

Paige Posing for the Camera

This morning I did Paige's hair wavy and we were getting ready to go and she said, "Mom? Aren't you going to take my picture?" I said, "Well do you want me to?" and she said, "Well yes." So I took a close-up at she looks so cute.

She also wanted me to take a full length of her new outfit.


Claudine said...

Paige looks like a movie star.......so cute! It must be your birthday, Nicole. IF so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Claudine

The Logan Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my buddie Nic-O-Lee! Hope you have a nice dinner with your family and a wonderful day!
Look forward to girls night this week, talk soon!
Gus-Gus :)