Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Night!

This Halloween we had a special guest: Joe Jonas! Paige was dressed up as him and doesn't she look like him. Kevin said that she makes a cute boy. Well I guess you could see what she would look like if she was.

Look at this pose. When we were taking the picture we were cracking up.

This pose actually made her look like a boy. I can't believe how good this costume turned out this year.

This is me and our neighbor Steve. He was wearing a mask.

This was all the trick - or - treaters this year. Allie went to a party and Cassidey & Courtney went to one also. So this was Kennedey dressed as a nerd and Kelsey as a bumble bee and of course our little Joe Jonas, Paige. They got lots of candy and Paige just won't stay out of it. I guess I will have to hide it.


*~The Stephensen's~* said...

I still cant get over Paige,, I would have thought it was a boy if I didnt know her,, lol
You all looked so cute,, Hugzzzzzzzz

Claudine said...

Paige looks just like Kevin. I guess we know that Kevin would make a good girl too.........he would look like Paige. Great costume and great blog. Aunt Claudine

K,K and Tay said...

Oh that costume is way good!! She does make a cute boy. I LOVE the wig..

Rex and Paula said...

I don't know much about the Jonas Brothers but she looks way cute. She is so into it, I love the poses.

kennedey said...

Paige you crack me up! I loved that costume!!