Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Food, Family, & Fun

This is Courtney, Mike, & Melissa.

This is Guy & Kevin talking about something.

This is Courtney & Melissa. Courtney had to leave our party for her group picture at work. She works at Limited Too, so they took a picture of all of them wearing clothes like the picture on the back wall of the store.

This is us playing Mexican Train. A game that Markae taught us all how to play.

This is all of them and over in the corner you see Kelsey telling grandma Gene what move she needs to make next.

This is Markae showing Mike how to play the game.

This is Mike letting us hear another joke on his cell phone.


Rex and Paula said...

That looks like a fun party. What was the occasion? And most importantly....as your blog title says...what was the good food?

Claudine said...

Those are fun times, when the family gets together to play games. I love the background on your blog. I'm still stuck on the winter scene.