Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Erika's Baby Shower

Erika's baby shower turned out really great. There was a lot of people that showed up and we are happy that they could come to support Erika and her baby Mason. She got a lot of great things for her baby and trust me, she got a lot of diapers so she should be set for the next five years. :) But anyway the picture above was the prizes that the guests received when they won a game. We played lots of fun games. We had baby safety pins tied to string, which we gave to all the guests. If someone said "baby" then they would have to give them their necklace. Whoever had the most at the end of the baby shower won the game. We also had a baby word scramble and guess how many jelly beans were in the "Mason" jar. The last game we played was the diaper game where you had to guess what was in the diaper. So we put four different kinds of baby food and four different kinds of chocolate and whoever guessed the most right won. It turned out really great and we all had a good time.

These were the baby shower favors Allie made. She is so creative with everything and did a really good job. She really had to work hard to make all 35 of them. I was surprised to see them done and how many there were.

This is the finished total. All 35 packed and ready to go.

We served a cake, chips and dip, and cheese ball. Thanks to The Smith's for bringing the fruit and relish trays and also the sandwiches. The food turned out great and I think everyone got well fed for lunch.

This is some of the guests that showed up. They were in the middle of playing a game.


*~The Stephensen's~* said...

I want to personaly thank Allie for all her hard work, she is so very talanted and made it so easy for Nicole and I to throw this shower for Erika. I dont feel like I hardly had to do anything cuz Allie was so on top of it all, Thank you Allie your a Doll.. It was great and she did get a ton of stuff. Thanks again Nicole for all you did as well,, and to Melissa for the food,, that was so nice of you.. Hugzzzzzzzzzzz Markae

Rex and Paula said...

Looks like the shower was a success. I think Allie is following in her Mom's footsteps. Talented and organized. By the way...the Valentines Day cookies were delish! Thanks!!