Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Day Cookies (Early)

This is the sugar cookies that Paige rolled out, but then after that she decided to leave.

These are some of the cookies we rolled out.

These were the cookie cutters that we used.

This is me rolling out the dough.

This was the big pan of hot cookies.

This is Kevin's mom icing the cookies. She came down so that she could have some company and help us make some delicious cookies.

This is Paige eating the cookies instead of helping us make and put icing on them.

This is some of the cookies that we put icing on and sprinkles.


Rex and Paula said...

You re getting a bit ahead of yourself aren't you? Funny thing...we were just talking about you and the cookie fall down my back porch. We went to Michelle's for the super bowl and I got out of the car with a big hot pan of twice baked potatoes...well I tripped and almost lost the whole tray. Rex said, "Don't pull a Nicole and the cookies!" Anyway, your cookies look really good. I miss our tradition of getting together. We kept that going for a long time. Then somebody had to start working full time. (ha ha)

The Logan Family said...

Thank you for the delicious cookies, everyone enjoyed them!

I will get us a Saxby's in the morning, see you then!

Claudine said...

I swear you should have a cooking blog. My mouth waters just looking at those good sugar cookies. Wish we lived closer so I could be on your list of people you give cookies to.

K,K and Tay said...

Ok, now i am craving some sugar cookies!! There is something about Valentines and Halloween that make sugar cookies extra yummy..Looks like you guys had fun