Thursday, February 19, 2009

Visiting the Spevaks

This is Paige and Ashby posing for the camera. They are cousins. They were upstairs at Aunt Claudine's house playing catch with a tennis ball.

This is Lauryn helping Aunt Claudine take care of Grady while his mom and dad were to a Valentine's Day party. She is such a great help.

This is Paige holding Grady. How cute! ^

This is Aunt Claudine, Janna, and my mom. We were all having a good visit.

This is Rex and Paula posing for a picture. You can tell that Rex "really" got into the posing mode.

This is Brandon, me, and Kevin. Brandon and I were catching up on old times. It was good to visit with all of them, we had a good time. Also this is Kevin using his hand expressions to say something to Rex. Just look at those eyes, he is a really good person to get into a conversation with. :)

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Rex and Paula said...

You are so good to take pictures of everything and everyone. My husband is such a dork. Don't ya love his hair-lip? It was fun visiting with you too-and like I said before...the cookies were yummy!

Claudine said...

It was a good visit, Nicole and ya, the cookies were wonderful. We ate all of one batch that night and the rest for desert on Sunday. I didn't even know you took photos that night. Where did you get your temple thing on the side. I saw one on someone elses blog and have been wondering because I want one. Have Allie tell me how to get one. Cute blog!

Janna said...

I want to know if Allie did this blog entry or if Nicole did??
It was a great visit. Thanks for coming over to visit with us. You have a great family.