Wednesday, March 25, 2009

David Archuleta Concert in St. George Pictures

Yesterday, I took my girls to see the David Archuleta Concert in St. George. We had so much fun! He is such a good singer and a really cute kid. We went with Kevin's sister and her daughter and Kevin's mom. We were on the floor so we were pretty close and were able to get some good pictures and videos. But it was hard for Paige to see because the people in front of us would stand up and she wasn't tall enough to see over them. But overall it was good. We didn't get home until midnight, but it was worth it.

David singing a song

Here is a couple more pictures.

The lighting was pretty and the speakers worked well because our ears were ringing when we got out of there. He is really good and he sounded just like you were listening to the radio, but he was there in person. It was a good concert and worth the drive.

This is one side of the girls poster that they made. It says, We Love You David. They were so excited to get in there and see him perform.

This is the other side of their poster. It says David's 3 Girls. Paige, Kayla, & Allie. This is when they were really excited...

I also wanted them to take a picture up by the stage so we did.


Claudine said...

Sounds like fun. You lucky girls!!! I just found out he was coming to St. George. That's neat.