Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcoming Mason

This is Brad & Erika's new baby boy Mason. He is such a cute little boy. We went over to The Smith's yesterday to visit and see Mason for the first time. We took lots of pictures because he is such a cute little baby.

Paige holding Mason. He actually slept the whole time we were there so we didn't get a chance to see him open his eyes. Maybe next time.

Allie with Mason.

This is Mike (Mason's grandpa), Erika, and her new baby boy Mason. He was born on March 16 and he weighed 8 lbs 9 oz.


*~The Stephensen's~* said...

Ohhhhhhhhh... He is so cute,, I wish we wouldnt have been out of town that nite.. It just kills me that Mikes a Grandpa, Oh my were getting OLD.. :o)

Claudine said...

What a darling baby boy. And I love the name. Congrats to the new parents and grandparents.

The Logan Family said...

He is a CUTIE! Tell them Congrats from The Logan's.
Thanks again for picking up lunch and hanging out with me Friday, also for stripping those roses. The wedding went very well despite the wind. The bride's dress was so beautiful, I will send you a link to her pictures soon so you can see her. Have to tell you about moving the Bus back to Vegas, Dennis did a good job! Ok, I will catch up with you this week. Thanks again!

Rex and Paula said...

What a beautiful baby! Grandpa looks pretty proud. Tell them I am happy for them...(and glad its not me..yet) Thanks for sharing the pics.