Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camping Trip '09

Camp site flags. Tropic Reservoir. July 4, 2009.

Do you know this man? If so please report to the FTS (Fake Teeth Society). He is wanted for putting in his fake teeth. This is Guy and he just had to put those fake teeth in.
All the guys. Guy, Dennis, & Kevin. This was one of our stops along the way of our quad ride.

Paige fishing. Just moments after they started to fish, she reeled in the biggest fish. It hadn't even been 10 minutes since we got started.

Allie waiting for a fish. Kevin wasn't able to catch any.

Family photo. Allie, Me, Kevin, and Paige.

Mom & Dad revving up their quads to get ready for the big ride.

Gayle & Dennis in their Rhino getting ready to hit the trails.

Paige heading over to get on a quad to take it for a little ride.

This is Gayle taking a picture of Allie.

This is Allie taking a picture of Gayle.

Breakfeast at the campsite. It was really good. Bisquits and gravy, scrambled eggs, cereal, and juice.


Rex and Paula said...

You guys camp in style! Looks like fun. I love your new blog. I want to come swim...you just tell me when!

Claudine said...

I LOVE your new blog too. It is so cool. I'll bet Allie did it didn't she? She is quite the computer whiz. Looks like you had a good time.

brittneynay said...

Hey Roundy's!! Looks like you're having a fun summer!