Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Pictures of Daisy

Daisy, our puppy, got groomed yesterday so the girls took some new pics of her. She is now 9 months(: and she acts like she is human. And She loves it when you spray water at her and then she covers her face. She a;lso loves to look out the window, so she sits by it and barks until you pick her up. She likes to play, in fact she is outside right

now running from Paige. Paige has taught her to roll over, sit, and lay down for a treat and when she hears you say t-r-e-a-t she is right there waiting. We all love her, but of course the one that didn’t want her (Kevin) is the one that worries about her most.When he gets home he says “Where’s Daisy?” She is the perfect dog for our family


Rex and Paula said...

love the new blog look. is that allie's handy work? maybe she can help me do something different. glad to see you are back to blogging.

Denalee said...


K,K and Tay said...

Love the Puppy! Of course they never know that they are dogs cause we spoil them too much!