Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grandma Spevak's 90th Birthday

On July 28th Paige and I went up to Cedar to spend the week while Allie was at girls camp. Then when it was over we just went to St. George and picked Allie up then headed back to Cedar. On July 31st it was my grandma Spevak's 90th birthday. Her husband and my mom were in Ohio at the time, so we decided to go and celebrate with her. We could tell that she was happy to have us. So we ordered pizza and ate and then we bought her a carrot cake. She really went down on it and I am glad that she had a fun time with it. Happy Birthday Grandma. We love you!


Claudine said...

Great photos.........Can't believe Grandma is 90. She doesn't look or act like it!! I like your blog the way you have it set up.