Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long Ride

For the 4th of July weekend we decided to take a trip up the canyon and go for a ride. We stopped at my sisters husband's parents' cabin and unloaded. It was a pretty fun trip and it was nice to get away for the weekend to the nice weather up there.

This was the only point where I actually got to take pictures because it was such a long ride. But there was a big mud puddle so everyone stopped to wait up for mom because she was behind and was having a hard time getting through. But this is Allie and Paige's ride. A friend of Guy's let them borrow it for the ride, which was pretty nice of him. They had a fun time.

This is mom when she was getting ready to go through the big mud puddle. She was a little behind.

Then she attempted to go through the puddle, and Guy had to move some logs so that she could go through.

Then she was spinning out. But finally made it through. Then after we met for a little break. Then continued for our ride so that we could find a lunch spot. Overall we had a great time and I am glad everyone had fun.


Silver Strands said...

Looks like MAJOR fun!